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Until  the 15th century the community of Portuguese  Jews  are one of the most important part of our society; their support to our kings and the various contributions  to the science and culture will remain, as the villages, temples and museums  as an open book of that time.

1st day – Lisbon

Transfer from airport to a chosen hotel. Dinner and accommodation
( for the meals we may provide all kind of facilities)

2nd day –FB - Lisbon / Tomar / Castelo de Vide

After breakfast  we will start  our visit for the most important sites and places where  we can find the Jewish  heritage. Driving to Tomar, founded by templars chevaliers. We will visit the synagogue and jewish museum,  of that  important community that lived in the center of Portugal. Their support with  money and science  to the discoveries were very significant. Continue to the Christ Convent and visit the templars  castle.
Lunch in a local restaurant. Continue to Castelo de Vide  to visit the 15th century former Jewish district and its tiny synagogue, the oldest in Portugal, in the Jewish quarter and in the village we can also remark  as many influences left  in the  local people costumes of Castelo de Vide. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

3rd  day –FB - Castelo de Vide / Valencia de Alcantara / Belmonte

Breakfast at hotel .Driving north we continue along the border with Spain , to visit a small town in Spain , Valencia de Alcantara, where many Jewish, in 1496, after  the Edict of Expulsion of the Jewish issued by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs were escaped before enter to Portugal.
There we have another jewish quarter and a restored synagogue, return to our country  to   Belmonte, where Pedro Álvares Cabral, who discovered Brazil, was born. On the way to Belmonte, Sortelha, another of Portugal´s Historical Villages, is worth visiting. In Belmonte we have lunch in a local restaurant .I
n the afternoon we will visit the Museum of Jewish and Sephardic culture of Iberia. The community  of Jewish lived hidden for more then 5 century’s keeping  their costumes and religion, and  that’s  an example of resistance , they maintain a new synagogue are well integrated now in the society.
Dinner and overnight.

4th  day –FB -  Belmonte / Guarda /Trancoso

Breakfast at hotel. Depart to Guarda, the highest  town in Portugal on the beautiful range of Serra da Estrela. There we will have a small Jewish quarter, made with granite and the typical  old town. Continue to Trancoso, a walled town also in the border with Spain with a nice and restored jewish quarter too,numerous signs and the inscriptions of that time can still be seen carved on the palaces of the ancient Jewish areas. Dinner and overnight.

5th  day –HB – Trancoso / Coimbra / Lisboa

Breakfast at hotel. Depart to Coimbra. Visit of the city, with one of the oldest universities of  Europe; the library, the honor chapel and the class rooms are part of the important remains that show us the importance till today of that university. Lunch. Continue to Lisbon. Dinner free. Overnight.

6th  day –BB – Lisbon

Breakfast at hotel. Full day visit of Lisbon. In the morning we follow the traces of the Jewish in town, the first settlement of the community the places where the remembrance are so vivid and the local of the tragedy against them, until the locals like cafes and restaurants  where during the second world war the refugees have those  meetings,  ending at modern synagogue of  Lisbon.
Lunch free. In the afternoon, visit of the historical area of Belem with the most important monuments like the Belem Tower, and monastery oh Hieronymus, symbols of the discoveries period. Return to Hotel or  transfer to airport .


Castelo de Vide

Museu Judaico-Belmonte

Universidade de Coimbra